VEP – a new economic forum for business leaders, scholars and policy makers
By adminquantri 08/10/2021

VEP – a new economic forum for business leaders, scholars and policy makers

VEP is a semi-annual forum analyzing trends and exploring emerging issues in economics and policy making

Incisive research, stimulating discussion

VEP brings together bold thinkers from business, universities, government and civil society to consider the critical issues facing the Vietnamese economy.

Each forum will present an update of economic trends and issues plus a deeper look at a special topic, drawing on new research by national and international economists and other experts.

Keeping a finger on the economic pulse

The Vietnamese economy is changing at breathtaking speed. Business leaders find it difficult to stay current with the latest developments, and their implications for specific sectors, regions and markets.

The Viet Nam Economic Pulse sorts through the news and chatter to offer business leaders a precise, authoritative guide to economic trends and policy directions. The aim of the forum is to go behind the headlines, drawing on new research and expert opinion to make sense of the official data releases, regulatory changes and movements in the markets.

Each forum will cover a special topic in depth to explore the deeper structural and contextual factors driving change in the Vietnamese economy. Special topics in 2021 include developments in international finance in the wake of Covid-19 and opportunities for Vietnamese firms to leverage global value chains to raise productivity and profits.

Panel discussions with business leaders, policy makers, scholars and expert commentators widen the discussion to tackle issues of immediate concern.


VEP includes business leaders, scholars, experts and policy makers to contribute a wide range of perspectives on the issues of the day. Participants will drive the agenda, identifying emerging issues and sharing insights drawing on their sectoral expertise and concrete experience in Vietnam. Our partnership brings together scholars, policy makers and experts to deliver a broad-based take on Vietnam’s rapid economic transformation.


The co-organizers of VEP are committed to supporting and conducting objective, high-equality research and analysis. Each of these institutions can draw on national and global networks of economists and other experts with a long track record in Vietnam and the wider region.


Viet Nam’s economic transformation is accelerating at a time of profound global change. Science and technology, energy systems, trade patterns and the international financial architecture are all in flux. The challenges of adapting to climate change and Covid-19 recovery will structure economic options and outcomes for years to come. VEP will enlist experts from a range of specializations to help participants make sense of these changes and implications for Vietnam and their businesses.